About Lumiar and this Blog

The Lumiar School was started in São Paulo, SP (Brazil) in 2002 by entrepreneur Ricardo Semler. Its Principal at that time was Helena Singer. I was privileged to be “present at criation”. I was first invited by Helena Singer to give a preparatory workshop for the staff that was being assembled at the end of 2001 about the book I was then about to publish with the title Education as Human Development: A New Education for a New Era. The book had already been accept for publication by SENAC Press, in São Paulo. After that Ricard Semler invited me to be a member of the Steering Committee of the school. At that time I was getting ready to retire from my job at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), where I taught Philosophy of Education for over 32 years (by the time I did in fact retire, in 2006).

Well, in part as a result of my contact with Lumiar, and, in the sequence, with Daniel Greenberg, of the Sudbury Valley School, of Framingham, MA, near Boston, I decided to make some changes in my book. So I request SENAC Press to allow me to do that and the result is that I never published it, so many were the changes I made…

During 2006 Lumiar School decided to apply for a berth in the Innovative School Program (ISP) of Microsoft Corporation (with which I was involved). ISP was an important part of Microsoft’s global Initiative Partners in Learning — of whose International Advisory Board I was a member from 2003 (when it started) through 2013 (when it sort of merged into Microsoft’s regular program mainline.

To shorten the story, Lumiar was one of twelve schools chosen from around the globe in January 2007. A few months later, in April, Ricard Semler invited me to be the President of the Lumiar Institute, which was the institution legally, financially and pedagogically responsible for running the Lumiar Schools (by the time there were two with a third, bilingual school about to be created). I was honored to accept, even though I was at the time Associate Secretary for Higher Education in the State of São Paulo — position I quit when I assumed my duties at the Lumiar Institute in late May.

During the remainder of 2007 I put on paper a number of items that became the theoretical framework of the schools and sought to select a Pedagogical Director for the Institute. In the last trimester of 2007 I invited Profa. Paloma Machado to be this person starting in 2008 – something she did with brilliancy. It is no secret that she and I decided to become a couple towards the end of 2008, getting officially married in 2012.

For a number of reasons we did not continue with the Lumiar Institute past the midyear mark of 2009 — although I continued to do sporadic work for Ricardo Semler.

This blog contains, in English, in translation that I myself made, many of the documents that were important for Lumiar internally and as one of Microsoft’s Innovative Schools. I created this blog in August of 2007, while I was still President of the Lumiar Institute and have preserved it in order to share the information with innumerable friends and colleagues around the world who showed interest in Lumiar — in the concept and in the application. All the articles were written during 2007, except for the two last ones, which were written at the beginning of 2008.

I have a version of the blog in Portuguese, but it contains fewer documents — only those that were originally written in Portuguese.

In São Paulo, August 2007; text revised in August 2017. The revision occurs in the month in which the blog completes its 10th Anniversary!

Eduardo CHAVES

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